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About us

My passion for handmade products has taken me through several businesses, each with its own unique challenges. One of these businesses was the scented candle business, which I run with my wife. From the beginning, we ran into the problem of packaging. We wanted boxes that reflected the beauty and quality of our candles, but all available options had minimum order quantities of 1000-2000 per size, which was impossible for a startup business.

After much searching and many rejected bids, we realized that the solution was to make our own boxes. So I made a financial effort and purchased a cardboard cutting machine. We started learning and experimenting, creating custom packaging that would differentiate us from our competitors.

As we worked, I noticed that we weren't the only artisans facing this problem. Many other artisans in Romania had difficulty finding quality packaging in small quantities and customized. Thus, we saw an opportunity not only to improve our own business, but also to help the artisan community.

We started receiving our first orders and as demand grew, we reinvested in the business. We have acquired more professional equipment and expanded production capacity to meet the growing needs of our customers. This is how Craft Addicted was born, a place where every artisan can find perfect packaging for their handmade products.

Today, Craft Addicted is dedicated to providing custom, flexible and high quality packaging solutions. We pride ourselves on helping other handmade businesses succeed by providing them with packaging that reflects their uniqueness and passion.

If you are an artisan looking for packaging to enhance your products, we invite you to discover our range of custom boxes and contact us to start the collaboration.

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